Tokyo Instagenic: Miyashita Park shopping mall – Shibuya

Miyashita Park used to be, as the name, a park which was run by Tokyo pref. Now it looks no more but shopping center at a glance, but actually park is still there, at the roof of it.

If you stop by Shibuya for looking thousands of pedestrians and the crossing, it’s good also to go to Miyashita Park.


Sense of luxury and subculture

Because it’s located in Shibuya, one of the center of subculture, totally taste of the mall is based on youth cultural trends. However there’re some luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci there. It used to be a park till recently, that’s why still you can see some taste of it – inorganic steel fences, poles, concrete walls in design.

Roof top park

I just said the park was still there – all lifted up to the top. This is Shibuya Ward Municipal Park on a mall and would be one new style of public-private partnership.


I suppose many of people in the mall are actually for the Starbucks. You can order to go some drink and take your bench in the park.

Activity facility

Volleyball court, rock climbing wall, skateboarding rinks.

Facility fee is awesome. I don’t think people, even if traveller use them; Sand volleyball court – 100 USD/1 hour (18:00 – 23:00) wow.

Since it’s a municipal park, citizens in Shibuya can use them with “discount rate.”

Shops and foods

More than 90 shops in the mall, including some luxury brands and restaurants. All shops have sophistication thanks to the center of Shibuya.

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