Suite full review: Marriott Nanki-Shirahama with private hot spring

If you have a plan to stay Nanki-Shirahama for sightseeing, Marriott Nanki-Shirahama would be the best choice. Thanks to the private hot spring installed in each room and its elegant atmosphere, you can enjoy your “staycation” at the hotel. Here I will share a full review of the hotel.


Pros and Cons

  • Inexpensive
  • Private natural hot spring in your room
  • Fulfilling Marriott Bonvoy elite benefits
  • Best location in Shirahama tourism area
  • Calm and silent
  • Recently renovated, clean and neat
  • Need to avoid the peak season
  • Not good accessibility

The accommodation charge is lower than other Marriott brand hotels in Japan. Usually, the normal type of room is around 100 – 200 USD a day. I stayed at this hotel in September, and the charge was as cheap as 110 USD. The price range is a very good deal against its quality.

High upgrade opportunity is also the merit of this hotel. You may know the Marriott hotels in Japan comparatively easily offer room-upgrade for their “good customers” of Bonvoy elite holders.

I think Nanki-Shirahama Marriott is one of the most upgrade-likely Marriott hotels in Japan. That time, I was a Titanium elite member and got a massive upgrade, from the lowest rate room to the junior suite with a hot spring in the room.

If you have the platinum or higher elite status

You can expect;

  • Complimentary room upgrade including a suite room
  • Executive lounge access
  • Complimentary breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel
  • Early check-in
  • Late check-out up to 4 pm
  • Express check-in/check-out on elite desks

So you can enjoy your luxury time all day. I think it’s suitable to use as “staycation.”

But don’t worry if you don’t have such a status. Rooms with hot springs are usually inexpensive, and this hotel has exclusive big hot springs for all guests in the building.

Review – Nanki-Shirahama Marriott

Okay, then let’s look inside.


The building looks just plain and inorganic, not like other Marriott hotels. The inside has been renovated to modern recently, but the visual is still as it used to be when it was a leisure sanatorium.

Lobby and entrance

It’s neat but relaxing because of the high ceiling. One of the corners of the lobby uses as the executive lounge. Only the fragrances from THANN’s Aromatic Wood, no BGM, no sound.

Room – Hot spring junior suite

That time, I was assigned to a Junior suite room with a private hot spring. Of course, the main feature is the bath, but the room itself was also great. There was a wide sofa beside the main windows facing the ocean and the city of Shirahama.

The decor was just simple and not luxurious but comfortable to stay in a day long. That’s why I recommend using the hotel as a staycation. In the wide room of 84 m squares, there’s minimum furniture.

The private hot spring was nice in both its view and quality of water. The water runs 24 hours a day, led from the hot spring source nearby, and has effects on healing of burn, neuralgia, and inflammation by natural minerals. I really enjoyed the smooth water and the comfortable temperature.

The rooms with a private hot spring
  • View Bath Room, 46 rooms
  • Junior Suite, 1 room
  • Executive suite, 1 room

There was an additional bath in the room. Though we seldom use it, the shower booth is helpful after enjoying the hot spring.

Executive lounge

The executive lounge locates in the lobby. This lounge is also used as the main bar of the hotel.

LunchtimeSnacks/fruits/drinks12 – 2 pm
TeatimeSnacks/fruits/cakes/drinks2 – 5 pm
Dinner timeAppetizers/hot snacks/fruits/cakes/alchohols5 – 8 pm
NightSnacks/drinks8 – 10 pm

I checked in the hotel at teatime and had some cakes at the lounge. The cakes were not petite ones but decent and tasty.
Since this hotel is mainly for family tourists for Shirahama, the lounge was empty all the time.


This hotel offers breakfast at the restaurant on the top floor. If you have the platinum or higher elite, it’s complimentary.

As well as buffet-style dishes, there’re some order-made foods. I especially recommend trying Japanese dishes such as Japanese omelet, miso soup, and if you have some courage, Umeboshi.

Other facilities

This hotel offers many free-to-use activities;

  • Big hot spring only for hotel guests
  • Rental cycle
  • Outdoor pool
  • Fitness center
  • Co-working space

No matter which you are a Bonvoy member, they are all complimentary. I didn’t have a chance to go to the pool and the fitness at that time because it’s only one night stay.


Accessibility is the disadvantage of the hotel. From Nanki-Shirahama airport or Shirahama station, the best way to reach the hotel is by taxi.

Travel time to Marriott Nanki-Shirahama by taxi

From the airport – 15 minutes
From the station – 7 minutes

Tips for saving money

nearMe.Airport offers 680 Yen/person from/to the airport and Nanki-Shirahama Marriott.

Activities around the hotel


Cycling along with the beach is a lot of fun. You can feel the atmosphere of a good-old-fashioned Japanese local resort. And cycling is one best way to reach Engetsu Island, the best spot to see the sunset, which locates the edge of the Shirahama resort area.

Shirahama beach and the Pacific Sea

Wind of North, wave sounds, and the comfortable sunlight. Buying some Bento boxes and have lunch beside the beach, great moment.

Engetsu Island

Engetsu Island is one of the best sunset spots in Western Japan. The scene is awesome when the sun across the natural gate of the rock. For more information, you can see the article.

Shirahama Adventure World

Shirahama Adventure World is a mega activity complex including Safari, zoo, aquarium, and amusement park. From raccoon dogs to pandas and white tigers, there’s a lot of fun and “adventure” in the spot.


Marriott Nanki-Shirahama can be the hub of your Shirahama sightseeing and the best choice for a “staycation” of elegance. And if you love bathing, you will have a great memory with your-only private hot spring.

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