Gate of the Sun: Engetsu Island in Wakayama

Scenic beauty of the sunset. I think Engetsu Island, Nanki-Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture has the best sunset scene in Western Japan.


Sunset scene of beauty: Engetsu Island

Engetsu means full moon. The name is actually an alias inspired from the big sea cave in the center of the island. In February and August you can see the sun setting just through the cave, then many people go seeing it in the seasons.

The background being deeply blue by the sea and the sky, the orange sunlight illuminate the horizon, while the island gets darkened. The three colors high contrast makes us impressed.

The sun is just crossing through the cave.

There’re not so much parking space there so if you are interested, it’s good to use a bicycle. It’s located a bit off to Shirahama coast but easy to access while your cycling.

Viewing spot

There were a few people waiting for the scene of beauty.

Standing position is important. You need to keep your position just on the linear line drawn by the sun and the cave. You should get there 30-40 minutes earlier before the sunset.

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