Should show this at Yakiniku restaurants in Japan

It’s hard to order Yakiniku for foreigners. Sometimes I see foreigners try to google the menu but unfortunately dish name is way localized and good result wouldn’t be hit. Then how we can do?


Let’s make order

Basically dish names consist of beef quality + beef portion name. For instance, Premium outside skirt is Tokujo (premium) Harami (outside skirt) like this. So, one good solution for you is to have tables beforehand for each translation. Here they are.

Cut quality

Phonetic JPNENGLetter JPN
Tokujo, tokusenPremium特上, 特選, 厳選
JoExtra fine
Not written normally
Fine, normal
Table 1: Cut quality

In normal yakiniku restaurants it’s not dare to write “Nami” (fine, normal.)

Meat portion

Phonetic JPNENGLetter JPN
KarubiShort ribカルビ
HireFillet, tenderloinヒレ, フィレ, ヘレ
Harami**Outside skirtハラミ
(Shio) TanTongueタン
Holumon*Small intestineホルモン
MisujiTop bladeミスジ
Momo, akamiRoundモモ, 赤身
Kata Lo-suBrisket, chuck肩, 肩ロース
Lib lo-suSpencer rollリブロース
ZabutonChuck flapザブトン
SagariHanging tenderサガリ
LampSirloin buttランプ
Hachinosu*Honeycomb tripeハチノス
Hatsu, kokoro*Heartハツ, こころ
Table 2: Meat portion names

Tongue is usually written as Shio-Tan because in most cases we eat tongue with salt seasoning, not in sauce.

* Offal portion
** Strictly categorized into organ but normally treated as muscle meat

Additional conditions

In some high quality yakiniku restaurant we can choose seasonings of meat. It goes like Jukusei (Aged) Atsugiri (thick cut) Jo (extra fine) Hire (tenderloin.) So in this case names consist of Table 3 + Table 1 + Table 2.
Especially if you want to try fillet or chateaubriand, it’s good to choose Shio taste.

Phonetic JPNENGLetter JPN
UsugiriThin sliced薄切り
AtsugiriThick cut厚切り
Wagyu, Kokusan gyu
Not written normally
Japanese beef和牛, 国産牛
ShioSalt seasoning
Not written normally
Sauce seasoningタレ
America sanUS beefアメリカ産
Australia sanAussie beefオーストラリア産, オージー
Table 3: Seasoning and meat conditions

Yakiniku meat seasoned in house made original yakiniku sauce so basically “Tare” is not written on the menus. In case of availability of Shio taste, expressly written like Shio Sagari.

Additional information

Price on a menu is for one portion, generally around 80 – 100 grams of meat. So you will order 3 – 4 items at least for one person. Of course you can order 2 or more same dish. Lunch special set menu or dinner course menu would be also available, in which case the price is for one person. But additionally you can order anything from grand menu.

You don’t need to pay attention to any special table manners in Yakiniku restaurant. Additional order is welcome. No formal order to eat. It’s even no problem to eat your dessert in the middle and return back to yakiniku. Have fun!

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