PROTECA brand: Seeking good onboard suitcases

In case of travel season coming after we beaten Covid-19, I have been seeking good suitcases for on-boarding. For budget travel, using LCC is one solution and then we don’t want to check-in the luggage in this scenario because it costs. Finally I could left 3 choices.


Required functions

Here at first I review required function for me for onboard suitcase.

– Front open or front pockets
– Lightness
– Stylish and elegant
– Silent smooth wheeling
– Wheel lock
– Inner pockets

In the listed items, Lightness is hyper important because LCC carriers have strict rules for onboard luggage. Usually the weight must be less than 7 kg among Japanese LCC. Wheel lock is also desirable function especially considering travel in Japan because we will ride on many many trains. But it will gets heavy. That’s why soft suit case would look good choice in this case.

Let’s pick up


Calm design and great quality made in Japan. There’s a front pocket. 40 litters capacity is also good but for me 3.3 kg is heavy.

Weight3.3 kg
Capacity40 litters
NoteSilent double wheels, fastener open, two guided handle, front pocket


This is the newest model of MAXPASS series. The design is simple and there’s one big front pocket. But the inside is too simple, no pockets. The silhouette looks original, like square.

Weight3.6 kg
Capacity40 litters
NoteSilent double wheels, wheel lock, fastener open, two guided handle, front pocket

PROTECA – Solie 3

Simple look, 2 front pockets and the size is ideal for LCC use. 2.6 kg light is really attractive because it has wheel lock mechanism. 3 colors available but I prefer black one.

Weight2.6 kg
Capacity31 litters
NoteSilent double wheels, wheel lock, fastener open, two guided handle, front pocket, inside pockets, light


This seems to be also good choice for me. Hyper light and great size. Wheel lock is of course available and the price is affordable. The only concerning point is capacity. It’s only 29 litters.

Weight2.0 kg
Capacity29 litters
NoteSilent wheels, double front pockets, wheel lock, fastener open, two guided handle, inside pockets, light


After all I decided to buy Feena ST. The lightness was really attractive for me. Return is acceptable so I will confirm the detail and make final choice. For sure if I don’t use LCC, MAXPASS 3 is the best choice but apparently it’s target layer is not people using LCC. Yep it looks weird to board on a LCC plane with a 600 dollars suitcase.

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