Yakiniku experience: Jojoen Yugentei – Osaka

Usually Yakiniku is a food genre which has very wide price range. This restaurant, Jojoen is one of the top ranked in the hierarchy. And Yugentei is the high class line of Jojoen, which means, the taste is awesome, the price is terribly awesome – 400 USD for two…


High class Yakiniku experience in Yugentei Osaka

Yugentei Osaka is in Hotel New Otani Osaka, one of oldest Western style hotel in Japan. Since it’s located at the center of business district of Kyobashi, we as tourists hardly get there. But actually it’s near from Osaka Castle, the access is not bad for tourists.


Get inside the hotel, walking along inorganic aisle…


The entrance is sort of Japanese elegance. It is the gate towards heaven of luxury Yakiniku. Okay a bit scared but proceed…

In this restaurant all seat are separated into small rooms. You can enjoy Yakiniku in your own space. Sometimes live piano concert is also held.
Usually in Yakiniku restaurant we need to take care smell but thanks to smokeless roasters there’s no odor in the space. The roaster was developed by Jojoen originally a long time ago.

Yugentei dinner course

Yugentei Osaka offer 3 courses for dinner.

  • Yuki, 20,000 JPY
  • Tsuki, 16,000 JPY
  • Hana, 13,000 JPY

This time we order Yuki and Hana for our wedding anniversary. The difference of the prices is according to meat. Other dishes are common among the three courses.

Course menu

  • Salad, Japanese/Korean style pickles
  • Starter dishes
  • Yukhoe
  • Japchae
  • Salt flavor Yakiniku
  • Lettuce for Yakiniku
  • Sauce flavor Yakiniku
  • Rice or noodle (abalone rice risotto, cold noodle or rice soup)
  • Dessert
  • Drinks

Salad and pickles

At first salad and pickles were served. You shouldn’t eat all pickles at the time for your mouth refresh in upcoming Yakiniku.

The salad is not just salad. The dressing is sesame based Japanese taste, which is extremely yummy and I can’t still forget the taste.


The beer I ordered was “Shirohonoka” premium Japanese local beer, 8 USD for glass. I should have taste to take long time…

Appetizer, Yukhoe, Japchae

For starter scallop sashimi, marinated chinese jellyfish and seasoned vegetable were served. All dishes were very fresh and tasty. Definitely it’s suitable for beer.


To say the truth we didn’t like raw meat. But the Yukhoe was delicious for us because of the quality of meat. It seems to be kind of weird but good to eat with cut apple and wrapped by lettuce. Also the yolk sauce was incredible.


Japchae is fried glass noodles. The seasoning was salt and sesame oil. In the hors d’oeuvre I preferred Japchae the best. If I have more room to eat I wanted to order Japchae one more.

Salt flavor Yakiniku

Here coems main dishes. At first robster and thin sliced tongues. The shrimp had tons of juicy Umami and the size was incredible.


A bit shrieked after roasted…


This is another plate of salt flavor Yakiniku, for upper course. The tongue was thick cut.


Sauce flavor Yakiniku

This is main of main dish of the time. Yes when it comes to Yakiniku the sauce flavor is signature. The plate in the photo is for one person. The marbled beef was famous Japanese brand beef of Yamagata. Oily but not heavy. Top quality of Japanese Wagyu beef. The meat was separated and melted just putting in my mouth…



Finally we arrived at oasis. Japanese melon. The sweetness was gate of heaven.

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