Itami Airport food: Pork buns – 551 Horai

There’re several food shops at Osaka/Itami Airport, but in the restaurants I especially recommend 551 Horai. Since the signature is pork buns, it’s suitable to use the restaurant for casual snacks before/after your flight. Of course the reason I recommend 551 is for the taste. I think it is one of the best pork bun in Japan. And the price is also great – just 2 USD for each.


Pork buns

The shop offer variety of dishes but the others are so-so. I want to insist you should order pork buns. The size is just medium but if you are hungry it’s good to order 2.

Pork buns is a kind of dim sums but the taste is a bit localized along with Japanese preference, which means, there’s no specific oriental taste or scent and then all peoples will accept. Outer buns are slightly sweet and fluffy as cotton. The inside there’s plenty of pork nugget. The nugget is simple Shoyu taste but quite tasty. The main ingredients are only pork, onion and garlic. The simplicity makes great taste and aroma.


When you order pork buns you will have small packed mustard. Note that the mustard is hotter than your expectation. It’s not honey mustard that you are familiar with. It’s like Western Wasabi. At first you try to put tiny mustard on you bun. You would find great harmony of hotness, sweetness and juiciness…

About 551 Horai

The restaurant is traditional dim sum chain originated in Osaka, greatly famous for signature of pork buns. In spite of the popularity they don’t do business outside of Osaka normally. That’s why nowadays the pork buns takeout is most popular souvenir of Osaka.

You may know pork buns have to be steamed just before eating. Taking out and cooking by ourselves in the house is easy but imagine the taste is better when we eat at 551 shops for sure.


Land side, 2nd floor of ANA wing. Just in front of security checks.

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