Recall before Covid: Most of impressive sites I have ever been to

Recalling the days before Covid, it was surprisingly brilliant. We could go to wherever we want, just only thinking about time and money. I’ve been to 20 countries for past 5 years and here I review the places.


Where I impressed

Tiananmen – China

Big scale of China. The red colored wall and the head of state picture, which recalls essence of socialism. Here’s origin of current China.

Tiananmen is facing the Square. There’s vast, very wide of nothing.

Victoria Peak – Hong Kong

This is Asian Manhattan. Recently property value is extremely high in HK but still there’re many old fashioned building. Metabolism of the city looks not as fast as that of Tokyo. And, HK has big potential, underground. I don’t know ground condition of HK is suitable for digging, but next developed direction would be underground.


When it comes to HK, we can’t avoid to see many billboards. They are the trademark of HK. As one of Asian, I had some nostalgic feeling to see them.


Marina area – Singapore

All stuffs are neat, security is perfect. For sure I agree the city is called ‘bright North Korea.’ I didn’t find so much local culture in there but whole city is like an amusement park.


Grand Canyon – the United States

It’s real, it’s just in front of me, but I couldn’t believe it’s real. All over canyon possessed my outlook and then I lost sense of distance. Everything was getting flat and finally it looked like a picture. Unfortunately I didn’t change my sense of value but truly it was must-see spot.


Skyline of Paris – France

The picture was taken from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. The highlight of our Europe trip was when we walked along Champs Elysees street.


Opera Garnier – France

It’s too gorgeous for only providing opera. I didn’t find the terribleness from outside of it. Every detail was colored in gold.


La Gioconda “Mona Lisa” – France

One of masterpiece painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. Of course I didn’t understand why it’s called masterpiece. But at that time the important thing for me is the fact I was standing in front of the painting which was world’s most famous and valuable – sick, just following the crowds.

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