How to: Best way to get Osaka from Osaka Itami Airport

If you arrived at Osaka/Itami Airport, you are lucky. Access to Osaka is way easier than that of hell Kansai Int’l Airport – which is isolated land, literally. For it’s only 10 km away from central Osaka. I have used Osaka/Itami Airport more than 100 times and today I explain the most convenient way to access to Osaka.


Limousine bus

The most convenient way is definitely to use limousine bus. ITM serves many direct limousine bus lines, more than 10 destinations. They include Umeda/central Osaka, Namba/red light district, Osaka castle, Universal Studio and so that. And, each line has many buses in a day, so that you don’t lose your time waiting long. For instance, when it comes to ITM – Umeda line there’re buses for each 15-20 minutes for all time.

You can check destinations and time tables HERE.

One of the great merit of limousine bus is that you can take your seat. They don’t sell tickets more than the number of seats, and actually seldom it goes full.

Travel time is just same as by train, or it might be earlier than train including switching time.

Bus terminals are separated by destinations and have own numbers


You don’t need to book your seat. In front of the airport you can see bus terminals in line and also ticketing machines. The only you should do is buy tickets (English available) on the machine and waiting in line at bus terminal.

If you have a transportation IC card such as SUICA, ICOCA, PITAPA or PASMO, you don’t even need to buy your ticket. Just scanning your card when you ride a bus.

Easy layout to find your terminal

Osaka Monorail + Osaka Metro

The nearest station from ITM is Osaka Airport Station of Osaka Monorail line. It is connected directly from the airport terminal. For accessing Osaka, at first you ride the monorail and after switching to Midosuji line of Osaka Metro at Senri-chuo Station. Midosuji Line is the main artery of subway transportation in Osaka, which connects every famous sightseeing spots including Shin-Osaka, Umeda, Namba or Tennoji. If your destination in Osaka is located nearby a station of Midosuji line, this option can be more convenient. Price and travel time is not much different to Limousine bus.

Osaka Metro train map -> LINK

One big problem is switching at Senri-chuo station. The station is big and has a shopping street and apartments in the station. So you need to walk several minutes with your luggage at the station…

Not recommend to take a taxi

Basically taxi fare in Japan is very expensive. For only 10 km to central Osaka you should pay 50 USD, while only 6 USD by a limousine bus or trains.

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