Hotel review: Sheraton Hong Kong and its Titanium elite benefit


Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers is located at the center of Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui – peninsula side of Hong Kong. The hotel has SOGO Hong Kong department store on lower floors and is close from the main subway station of Tsim Sha Tsui, less than 3 minutes walk. Accessibility is quite good to everywhere in Hong Kong. Actually the facility looks a bit old, but you can see the Victoria Harbor from the window in the hotel room. In this article I’m gonna review the hotel and its Titanium elite benefit.


It’s convenient to use subway Tsim Sha Tsui Station to access to the hotel, around 3 minutes to walk. In fact it’s directly connected to another subway station of East Tsim Sha Tsui,`but the line is not major, so you would use Tsim Sha Tsui station mainly.


Hotel appearance

Since it’s faced the harbor and passed a long time after building, it looks old and rustic. The lower of the hotel is SOGO department store, which is a Japanese retail store brand.

The entrance is solid and heavy taste. Thanks to decors for Christmas it got a bit colorful.


The lobby

It seems in HK Christmas was still going on 28th. Lobby was just neat, and usually not crowded.


 Main stairs was also decorated for Christmas.


I did checkin at around 5 pm. Because of the high season of year end, I didn’t meet significant upgrade, but thanks to Titanium benefit I got an higher floor harbor view room. Basically East and South East Asia’s Marriott offer involuntary upgrade comparatively easily more than those of Japan and needless to say of Western.


The room

I suppose this room was the most basic type in this hotel but the wideness was enough for two. The bed was king sized.


The decor was low tone and neat, not elegant but relaxed.


Bathroom was see-through from the bed room. The sink was unified and made of glass.


Bath tab was not wide but deep.


There’re some complimentary snacks from the hotel.


And also wine and chocolates.


View from the room

The view from the room was terribly good. No longer I needed to go near the harbor to see the Symphony of Lights – of course the music was not heard.


The white buildings in the right side is Promenade, where there would be many people to see the performance.


Executive lounge


Unfortunately the executive lounge was just normal and nothing special. It’s on 11th floor and the view from the windows were good but snacks or liquors were not so much.



Breakfast was free for the benefit, at Cafe on 2nd floor.


Breakfast was Western and Chinese style. It was fun. Here’re some dim sums and boiled vegetables.


These were sort of American breakfast corner.


Also noodle and dim sum stand were available. The taste was so-so actually.


Bakery corner. Several kind of breads you can choose.


Here’s my choice. 75 percent Chinese breakfast. The watermelon juice was pretty delicious.



Around the hotel

This hotel faces the Victoria Harbor and Nathan Road, the Main Street of Hong Kong. Just crossing the intersection in front of the hotel, there’s Promenade where actually is the famous spot to see the Symphony of Lights with big panorama.


The intersection has Nathan Road and Salisbury Road, which is another Main Street of Hong Kong along Victoria Harbor, and is starting point of Nathan Road.


And the other side of the crossing is the Peninsula Hong Kong, the very first hotel of the Peninsula brand.


Walking just for couple of minutes along with Nathan Road at first you can see Chungking Mansions on your right side, which is famous for HK movies and now turned to be mecca of backpackers for cheap hostels.

重慶大厦 (Chungking Mansions; チョンキンマンション)
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