Fashioned omelette rice in Tokyo: Cafe Kissa You – Ginza

Reasons of recommendation are always simple;

  • Easy to access – Ginza, Tokyo
  • Cozy
  • Instagenic
  • Tasty

Kissa means “old style cafe” in Japanese. But the cafe’s signature food of omelette rice, Omurice, is not old fashioned. It has extra fluffy and moist, melting by itself as soon as your spoon is touching on. Yes melting and fluffy are food trend words continuously lasting a couple of decades – before instagram – in Japan.

There were many young couples and “girly girls” – not suitable for Kissa generally – in the cafe desiring for the magic omurice when I was there.

The rice is seasoned and flied with ketchup-based tomato sauce and plenty of butter. And the egg omelette, also made of much butter and milk, nothing else inside. It’s very simple but tasty.

It’s good to visit from 11 am to 3 pm because it’s lunch time and offering omelette rice set menu – with drink for 10 USD. And another popular food, omelette sandwiches would be also great choice if you still have space in your stomach. I tried the sandwiches and for sure, was good (but a bit too simple taste for me.)

Lunch menu

Drink + one choice: omelette rice, Neapolitan spaghetti or vegetable curry – 12 USD
Drink + hamburg + rice/toast – 14 USD
Drink + sandwiches (one choice: omelette, egg-mayo, assorted, tuna, ham or vegetables) – 11 USD
Large size – additional 1 USD

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