Bucket list: 100 things I want to realize before I die

It’s too boring as sick in weekends. All shops have been closed these days in Europe, of course around me also. Then I made a bucket list with my wife via video call. I found there’re many cheap and very ordinary dreams but, hmm Okay for now. I wonder how many I will have realized today in next year?


Things I want to realize before I die

  1. 100 posts of this blog
  2. 100 km walking
  3. Cycling around Biwako
  4. Cycling through Shimanami Kaido
  5. Skydiving
  6. Hike Mt. Fuji
  7. Ride Sunrise Express and trip to Izumo
  8. Say I love you to my wife everyday
  9. Let my wife be familiar with international flights alone
  10. Play and complete Final Fantasy 10
  11. Watch The Godfather part 2 and 3
  12. Deliver my feeling to people all over the world
  13. Duet and sing Chronostasis at a Karaoke with my wife
  14. Find 5 hobbies that I really like and keep continue
  15. Find 5 most favorite cafes around home
  16. Orthodontics
  17. Invite my parents to Europe and trip around Europe a week
  18. Hear everything about story and history of my family from my parents
  19. Keep to practice learnings from Individual Psychology
  20. Do this in Tokyo -> Buying a 350 ml can beer in a convenience store, walking at night with you, it clocks around 0 am. I say “Do you know Chronostasis?” You say “I don’t know” I reply “It’s a phenomena that the clock needles look like stopping while a moment”
  21. Be a gentleman
  22. Be a professional of system consultation
  23. Be active and young all time
  24. Be a man who don’t care about how the one is seen by others
  25. Be good at singing
  26. Be fluent in speaking in English
  27. Be fashionable always
  28. Be happily married and not be divorced
  29. Be good at wine
  30. Be familiar with photo shooting and get ability of photo editing
  31. Get a good sense of design
  32. Get familiar with Spanish language
  33. Get used to horror movies
  34. Get ability to play the guitar and piano
  35. Get healthy and slim all time
  36. Live in high-rise condominium
  37. Live in Singapore and Tokyo
  38. Live with a rabbit
  39. Stay at Ritz Paris
  40. Stay at Ritz Carton Nikko
  41. Stay one month in a residence of luxury hotel in Hawaii
  42. Establish secondary income
  43. Get rich so that I don’t be aware of money at all
  44. 10,000 USD month salary as primary income
  45. Earn interest by investment
  46. Install a wide TV and sound surround system
  47. Make house with lines of Sarah Grace furnitures
  48. All automated housework
  49. Install king size bed and genuine Simmons mattress
  50. Keep my house clean anytime
  51. Remove clowns and replace to ceramic
  52. Meet and talk with Miranda Kerr
  53. Complete to read Phantom Lady in English
  54. Take 1 month vacation and stay in a beautiful beach
  55. Drive from Amsterdam to Luxembourg through Brussels
  56. Use Dtokokani Mile service of JAL
  57. Get many flights and have Star Alliance Gold
  58. World round trip with first class seats of oneWorld alliance
  59. Travel around 50 countries
  60. Complete to visit 5 continents
  61. Ride Gran Class of Shinkansen and trip to Sendai
  62. Visit Cappadocia and see the balloons and historical places
  63. Go to Huis Ten Bosch and enjoy a day
  64. Visit Budapest and see the Imperial Palace
  65. Go to Omiya Rakuun Theater and see Manzai
  66. Pilgrimage of 8 sub shrines of Ikuta Jinja
  67. Go see Uyuni Lake
  68. Visit Africa
  69. Visit Istanbul
  70. Go to Dazaifu Tenmangu and eat Tonkotsu ramen in Hakata
  71. Go to Tottori Sakyu Dessert
  72. Go to Dublin and read Dubliner by James Joyce at a cafe
  73. Visit around filming locations of Breaking Bad in Albuquerque
  74. Go see the Manhattan NY with listening to Empire state of mind
  75. Visit Shimane and take part in the countdown event of Suna-dokei Museum
  76. Visit Greece and stay in Mykonos Island
  77. Visit Samarkand, Uzbekistan and see the mosques
  78. Visit Dubai and stay a week in rich
  79. Visit Australia and try to carry Coala
  80. Go see Antelope Canyon
  81. Visit Florence and Venice
  82. Visit Paris again
  83. Visit Auschwitz-Birkenau
  84. See the Alps in Switzerland
  85. See the Duomo and Il Cenacolo in Milan
  86. See aurora in Iceland
  87. Cruising one week in the Mediterranean
  88. Buy a couple of Fendi Peekaboos with my wife
  89. Buy Burberry’s trench coats together and be a married couple who suit them
  90. Buy an iMac
  91. Buy a Hermes Birkin
  92. Buy a Van Cleef Arpel watch
  93. Have an Audi car
  94. Go to Awaji island and eat lunch at Kamome Terrace again
  95. Go to Okinawa and eat Rafute
  96. Go eat fresh seafoods in Hokkaido
  97. Eat French at ZK in Osaka again
  98. Eat sea urchin bowl fully covered with plenty of sea urchin in Kushiro
  99. Eat Sanuki Udon in Kagawa
  100. Eat Samgyeopsal at Hanam Pig Dongdaemun shop again
  101. Eat genuine A5 Kobe beef steak
  102. Eat Ishigaki beef again

Kind of a symptom of aging?

In spite it was a sort of group work with my wife, it’s terribly hard to pick up 100 things. Even if I tried to work out, the common sense and present condition prevented me to come up with an idea. Idea should be freedom but probability restricts them. When I made up the last item, my wife had gone to sleep already.

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