Best instant noodle you should try in Japan: Donbei “Red”

This is an instant noodle but not Ramen, let’s say instant Soba – Japanese buckwheat noodle. When I am asked some good instant noodles I always recommend Donbei “red.” The highlight of the taste is Dashi.

You know how to cook is super easy. Just put tempura in, packed seasoning in, pour hot water. It’s completed after 3 minutes waiting. And you can find it at every convenience store or supermarkets over Japan.



It’s consisted from buckwheat noodle, soup and Tempura. The soup is based on Shoyu flavor, with a magic spice of Dashi. The Soup is definitely the highest in Japan in all instant noodles. To say the truth noodle itself is just normal, but DASHI is supreme.

Dashi – Soup

The soup is totally Japanese taste. Basic taste is from Shoyu but there’s much Umami from kelp and dried bonito. Or it’s almost Umami taste flavor rather than Shoyu flavor overall. Now in some Japanese blogs they are trying to reproduce the taste…

Soba – Japanese buckwheat noodle

Soba is just medium, nothing to be commented. In this cup buckwheat noodle is existing only for eating soup. Yes I can say it’s kind of a spoon.


Officially, Nisshin recommends tempura should be put in the noodle just before eating, for its crispness. I’d rather love the condition with getting soft so I usually put it before pouring water.


Actually taste of the soup is a bit different in East Japan and West Japan. Nisshin changes the proportion of kelp, soy sauce and bonito according to its marketing area. The difference is as much faint as you might not find. I, of course can’t find. But it’s chance if you have a plan to go to Tokyo and Osaka. You can buy and try both of them at once.

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