Asakusa street food: Melon bread – Kagetsudo

Let’s take a break at Kagetsudo after walking around Asakusa. Kagetsudo’s signature of melon bread is gradually booming. It looks like a normal bread, but with one bite you can feel good sweetness and mouthfeel of it. Of course it’s street food so low budget, 2 – 3 USD. So, let’s take a look.


Kagetsudo – Great mouthfeel of melon breads

The shop of Kagetsudo is located on a shopping street next to Senso-ji temple. Since it’s small simplified stall style, you can easily take away some foods. In front display there’re many melon breads looking yummy and cute.

The taste is just sweet sugar. It seems like some fragrant but not much. As you can see the mouthfeel is really good and feel some new. Cookie based dough on top is crunchy and inside of the bread is really fluffy. It’s just right for a snack. Melon bread is most delicious just when it’s warm, so I bet better to eat as soon.

You may feel aware about the size but actually it contains much air for the fluffiness so no problem.

What is “melon bread” by the way?

Melon bread has been originally developed in Japan, around end of 19’s. The name is from just the shape of the bread so it has no taste of melon actually. Biggest characteristics are big round melon-like shape and cookie sort of crunchy dough on the top. And often it’s covered by some brown sugar.


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