You should buy Apple products in Japan

I suppose for most of travelers one of the purposes of trip is shopping. Though Apple products are not Japan origin but if you stop in Japan, it’s good to take into consideration to buy Apple products, especially MacBooks, MacMini, Apple Watches and accessories. In this article you can get easily how to check price difference from your country. Okay, then let’s take a look.


Why Apple, in Japan?

World’s lowest price

Apple provides world’s lowest prices on their products in Japan. The price looks really strategic and attractive, especially for travelers from European countries. Here’s price list currently in EUR.

ProductPrice JPNPrice GER
New 13 inch MacBook Air with M1 chip, entry model8241,129
New 13 inch MacBook Pro with M1 chip, entry model1,0601,449
New full screen iPad Air, entry model494649
iPad 2020 entry model273379
iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB8391,149
Price list, exchange rate is as of Feb. 3, 2021

You can see huge difference, around 30 percent lower in every product. Note that the prices in Japan include tax free applied. Consumption tax is 10 percent in Japan.

You can easily check price difference of between your country and Japan with the website of

Tax free shopping, of course

Japan is promoting tourism consumption. Tax free procedure is way easy. 1st step: pass your passport to clerk at casher. That’s it. 10 percents discount immediately right in the shop, not cash back, no super confused procedures at an airport.

There’re some points that you have to pay attention

I don’t recommend to buy in Japan iPhones or perhaps iPads. And, you need to pay attention not to buy JIS keyboard.

Almost only in Japan: Shutter sound

Biggest reason of preventing to buy iPhones, iPads too, in Japan is no-mute camera shutter sound. iPhones in Japan ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TURN SHUTTER SOUND MUTED. Imagine when you take some picture in a high class restaurant…with big noise everyone can hear… omg This is caused by regulation of Japan to prevent some kind of crime.

Buy laptops at Official Apple store: JIS keyboard issue

Many shops offer Apple products all over Japan but most of them don’t have US keyboard laptop stock, USUALLY JAPAN INDUSTRIAL STANDARD KEYBOARD (JIS) ONLY. It’s a problem for tourists. The keyboard layout is similar to US one but I suppose you don’t want Hiragana print on key tops for sure.

4.9 Generation: No milli-wave available on iPhones

Still we don’t see milli-wave 5G on iPhone 12 series. Only we can catch sub 6 with iPhone sold in Japan.

It’s weird: SIM lock iPhones and iPads

Place we can buy SIM free smartphones in Japan is limited. Most of shops provides only SIM lock iPhones. The Apple stores are no problem, you can buy SIM free smartphones there, but I don’t recommend for the reason above.

Where should we buy Apple products in Japan then?

For foreigners easiest way to buy without any trouble listed above is to go to Apple store. There’re plenty of US keyboard stock on the sites, tax free applied and good shopping environment.

Recommended stores

If you stop by Kyoto for historical places, I recommend to step into Apple Store Kyoto. The architecture and interior is just Japanese modern with a bit of spice of stylish taste.

Of course Tokyo is also recommended. In Tokyo urban area there’re 6 Apple stores. Wherever you stay in Tokyo you can reach a store within 30 minutes.

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